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War and Terrorism in XXI century

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Terrorism in the 21st century is in insult to the intelligence ofš everyone.šI don't understand how people that have repeadedly come together as a whole nation can throw away all the values that they have worked for and held dear. How can we discriminate against people for the color of their skin, or the language they speak, or because of what they believe in?š It seems as if the moral standards of the world are too high for some people- those who use predudice as a weapon agains others; to cover up their own short-commings. Someone once said that WW1 would be the war to end all wars and they spoke fom the heart. Yet even today it seems that most conversations are still happening at gunpoint. Terrorism has shattered the peace that we have all become accustomed to,šand in Afghanistan a new chapter unfolds as people continually are thrown around and endangered in the place that should be their haven. Wars to tear people apart and predudice to scar people! Forever- these are the things that our society is built upon. Untill we can appreciate uniqueness or untill we can stop letting violence solve everything, we will never be able to be the people we were meant to be and there will never be a war to end all wars.
Leigh Edwards, Calgary, CANADA

This issue is very big, i think in a way the USA had this coming to them by making the soliders in Afganistan what they are, then abandoning them in the war against Russia. Everyone knew Bin Ladin had declared war against all Americans, they knew that he had the money, the resources, the power. it was just a matter of time before they struck. Noone was expecting it and from a strategic move it was very well planned out. Now its very scary the thought of war close to home. All the changes that have been undergone in just the past few months. My step grandma is a flight attendant, and on September 11 we didn't know where she was, or if she was hurt. I do hope these issues in the middle east are solved soon.
Julia MacGregor, Calgary, CANADA

I belive terrorism in the 21st century is a horrible thing. How can we accept the fact that humans have been on earth for 4 million years and still there is clashing between cultures, skin, color, gender, age, relgion and race. If we still have terrorism in the 21st century then we have a˙serious problem. The way the events of September 11th took place is even more disgusting, using innocent passanger littered planes, to crash into two buildings full of innocent people is very sad. If wars contiue on earth then we all should be very aware of the fact that, stupid choices based on past events or the actions of one, a few, or some people will bring our earth to a time of great pain to the innocents, children, elders and everyone even thoese blamed for the actions. Terrorism is wrong and should not exsist in the 21st century.
David Beninger, Calgary, CANADA

A year ago we came to the 21 century and our life now become more and more dangerous. The last group of incidents took place in USA. The first incident was the explosion of Twin Towers. Then a dangerous disease began.
Dora, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

Near a year ago our life was quite normal. Now situation changed a lot. In present time we're all afraid of different terracts because of the awful incident in the USA, when Twin Towers exploded. Also now there is another dangerous disease.
Jannie, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I think that people who are terrorists and who did such things as blew up a building of world trade center and crashed the airplanes are really cruel people who have no soul. I think that Americans did the write thing (declared the war against terrorists) and I'm glad that the rest countries agreed to help America in the war. But I think that Americans have to be more careful in their actions and don't kill innocent people.
Anna, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

The end of the 20th century: It is full of things of this kind. Terrorism is a new kind of war. Fifty years ago there were tanks and cannons, but now the new weapons are bombs in civil houses, kidnapping, murders. It is awfully.
Julia, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

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