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I am the pupil if the 10th form and this summer is free for me, i mean i don't have to go to school this summer.I have to build plans on this summer. I have many plans for example to go to Moscow or abroad. But in my opinion the best is to go to work because i would be able to earn money and i will have what to do when i have free time.In my opinion to find work in my age is rather difficuilt because my age is only 16. But with the help of internet i will be able to find it. To cut a long story short my plans on summer are to work and to earn money.
Anton, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My plans for the summer: my parents have decided that we either go to Hong Kong, or we drive down to San Fransisco, or we either stay in Calgary. I hope we get to go to Hong Kong or San Fransisco, and I definately dont want to stay in Calgary for the summer!
Joyce, Calgary, CANADA

My dream is to visit Russia this summer and to meet Yana and her family. One can always hope and maybe if I hope hard enough it will come true. If I do not come to Russia I will be traveling with my husband and his girls basketball team to 3 different tournaments in the United States. This is a team that our daughter is on and there are 10 other players on her team. They range in age from 16 - 18. We will be visiting cities such as Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, California and Washington, DC. My family will also be renting a houseboat for a week on Shuswap Lakes in British Columbia. I am really looking forward to our summer this year. Maybe part of it will be spent in Russia!
Marilee, Calgary, CANADA

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