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What is your favorite time of the year and why?

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My favourite time of the year is when the stars shine brightly at night, the wind gentally blows the hair free from the dust of the day, and the world appears to be asleep. I guess it doesn't really happen often enough; in fact it is so rare I decided to put it within this title; but when it does, enjoy every moment of it and unite with nature.
Linzhou Fang, Calgary, CANADA

My favourite time of year is autumn because in Calgary its still warm and the trees change different colours. All sorts of holidays come around this time to like Halloween and Thanksgiving or even Labour Day! There is only one thing I don't like about this time of year and that is school starts!
Vibha, Calgary, CANADA

HI~! My favorite time of the year is the summer holidays. That is because we get a super long vacation and we get to play outdoor games. For example: Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and more~!
Ronald C., Calgary, CANADA

My Favourite time of the year is summer because I can do whatever I want.
Albert, Calgary, CANADA

My favourite time of year is summer because in the summer you can go sking, wakeboarding, swimming and tanning on the beach. I like the summer because it is hot but i hate the BUGS!
Vanessa, Calgary, CANADA

My awnser to question of the month is that my favourite time of year is Summer. I say this because there is summer holidays my favourite time of year. It is warm outside and all the golf courses are open. I count down to the day school is out starting in January. This is why summer is my favourite season.
Mike B., Calgary, CANADA

My favorite time of the year is January. January is the favorite time of the year for me because I get to go to World Junior Championship and show everyone how much I improved in a year. Its also when I get to compair myself to the world class skijumpers.
Yuya, Calgary, CANADA

Hello everyone! my favourite time of the year is autumn because it is a good temperature, there are lots of colours, and that's when my birthday is!
Nathan T., Calgary, CANADA

What is your favorite time of the year and why? My favorite time of the year is Spring time, this is because the flowers are begining to bloom and some of the birds are coming back from their winter migration. Spring time is so lovely I love it because the warm sun shines down on you and prepares you for the summer season!!! I also love the spring time because I can go out to my barn and ride my horse Lightning Katie!!! So that is why my favorite time of the year is Spring time.
Samantha, Calgary, CANADA

Hi everyone! I like winter very much because I like winter holidays. I always travel to other countries during winter vacation and I like Christmas.
Liza, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favourite season is spring because the nature wakes up from winter sleep and it is very nice.
Ann, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I like September. In this time I meet my school friends after summer holidays, I always miss them.
Kate, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favourite time is Summer because I like to swim and to play football with my friends.
Alex, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I like Summer because we have rest and live in the counrty with my family. I am a big fisher and I can do this only in warm time. Also I like fresh barries and mashrooms.
Nastya, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
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