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My wish for the new year is to do better in school and spend more time with my family.
Leonie, Calgary, CANADA

For New Years Resolution I pick to eat a little heathyer and to train for hockey by doing some weight lifting. New years Resolutions are great because they get your new year starte off great. Another one of my new years resolutions was to complete all my homework on time. As sometimes I don't always do it. (only If I'm busy though.)I absolutly love new years because it's the beginging to some thing new. This I why I like new years resolutions.
Robert, Calgary, CANADA

It's a difficult taks to make new year resolutions and I usually have a difficult time making them. This years I would like to just become a better all round person and to not be a hypocrite when it comes to religion.
David Long, Calgary, CANADA

One of my new year wishes are that my dad would quit smoking. He was trying to quit smoking for past 10 years but hasn't been sucessful. I have put lots of thought in this, and I hope he quits smoking for sure. Another one of my new year wishes is that I hope to meet with my cousins in the U.S. and back in Korea. That's about my wishes for now :)
Stewart, Calgary, CANADA

Something˙we want to accomplish this new year is to save up enough money to go to australia.˙˙We˙are already almost half way.˙˙We have been saving since September but by the end of this year we hope to have enough money to go there for Christmas break.
Kandice and Kaiti, Calgary, CANADA

My new years wish is for all the commotions with the US and Iraq and places to stop.
Sonja, Calgary, CANADA

I wish to all my friends and my relatives good health in the new year.
Julia, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I have the exams this summer and I'd like to wish to get good marks and then to travel to other country.
Dasha, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My wish for the new years is to get my learners driving license. In Canada you can get your learners license at the age of 14. You have to take a written test on driving and the license enables you to get driving classes and drive a car with someone else who has a driving license. The sooner I get my license the sooner I get to drive!
Pallavi, Calgary, CANADA

What is your holiday wish is that all homeless and poor people find a way to get a good life.
Noorez, Calgary, CANADA

Dear boys and girls! I wish you in the new year to be happy, to find many new friends and to be well.
Yana, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I wish to all people to be kind to each other and to be happy!
Maria, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I wish you good health and good results in the sports!
Kristina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I hope that everyone including yourself had a very nice holiday˙I sure enjoyed the time off school. The question of the month was "My wish for the New Year." I would have to say just good health to all my family, friends, and people that i know. It is really hard when someone in your family or close to you is ill or unhappy for some reason so I just wish good health and happiness to everyone that i know.
Amy, Calgary, CANADA

My New Years Wish is to do very good in school for the rest of the year, and I also want all the wars between the Americans and Other polaces to stop, because if it gets close enough to the border, us here in Calgary might get effected.
Sonja, Calgary, CANADA

Well my wish for the new year would have to be that the whole war situation and the US being soo evil would just stop and America would leave all the poor third world countries alone. Thanks. Happy new year!
Shaireen, Calgary, CANADA

My wish for the new year is that I can dedicated myself to something to become good at it. Like some sort of sport or hobby. I am not sure what ywt though.
Natalie, Calgary, CANADA

My wish for the New Year is to be able to see my friends from Chilliwack and to go back to Chilliwack.
Mandy Bell, Calgary, CANADA

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