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I have a cat at home. It is my favorite animal. She is very nice - white with green eyes. She likes milk and meat. Also I like to see movie about lions and tigers.
Ann, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite pet is a dog and a horse
Natalie, Calgary, CANADA

My favourite pet was a cat that I had when I was younger.˙ He was a Calico cat.˙ I called him Tiger because he looked like a miniature tiger.
Mandy, Calgary, CANADA

My favorite pet is dogs, mostly puppies. I would love to have a golden retreiver but since, my parents don't like taking care of dogs, I am not allowed to have them :(
Stewart, Calgary, CANADA

I have only had I pet so far in my life and that would be our family dog Sable. He's four years old now but he acts like a puppy. Some people think he's hyper, naughty or cute. He has all these qualities but what people don't know is that he's very affectionate, protective and caring. Whenever we come home he's always there to appreciate our company. He's a really good guard dog even though his small. If we're on our own in a different room he checks up on us every few minutes to check I we're still there. Sable always cares if someone's gotten hurt because he recognizes that when people are in pain they cry. So he always licks our tears up by saying it's okay. Even if we get another pet, Sable will always be our first and in that way he's special.
Pallavi, Calgary, CANADA

Hi! I have 2 mouses at home - a boy and a girl. They are very funny. They are night animals. They builded the house from old sock and live there very amicably. Sometimes they have a few small mouses and I give them to the Pet-shop.
Lena, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I have had quite a few pets in my lifetime. I had a horse a couple of years ago when I was in Grade 6. I had to ride it and take care of it at least 4 times a week. It was hard work! My horse's name was Lola. My other favourite pet is the one that I have now. I have a Weaten Terrier (dog) and her name is Teddy. She is so well behaved, we taught her how to ring a bell on our back door when she wants to go outside. She is a very smart dog. When my mother is even thinkin about giving her a bath, she will run and hid under the bed.
Amy, Calgary, CANADA

I have a big cat. He is white and really very big! He likes meat and milk. I think sometimes he feels himself very important person. He likes sleep on the sofa and dislike when somebody try to rest there.
July, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite Pet is the Dog, "A Man's Best friend" They are way better then cats well that's what I think.
Theo, Calgary, CANADA

I don't have any pet now. But like a horse, because it is a very beautiful animal. I know that the horse needs in a specific condition and maybe when I'll have my own big house in the country, I'll have a horse.
Pavel, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite pet is a dog.
Natalie, Calgary, CANADA

I don't have any pets but if i could have one i would get a white tiger.˙ Not only are they the coolsest animal EVER but they are majestic and well cool!!!!!!˙That would be sooo awsome to have a tiger.
Holly, Calgary, CANADA

I have a few fishes. They are very nice and very quite. There are no any noise from them and I like to look at the aquarium.
Kristy, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I use to have a pet parrot when i was small. I loved it a lot, but unluckily it died. I still have some pictures of it. It was really pretty, with different colours and before it died it had started to say my name and a whole lot of different other things!!!!
Nakia Rehmanji, Calgary, CANADA

I have a big dog. His name is Rex. We are big friens. He is very cleaver and knows many comands. I walk with my dog every day (morning and evening). I like Rex very much.
Mary, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite Pet would be dogs. My family has a dog and his name is chase. I love dogs because they are cuddly and like to play and have fun. I love my dog and enjoy his company.
Kaiti, Calgary, CANADA

I dont't have a favorite pet!! Sorry!
Leonie, Calgary, CANADA

I once had a snake, but my parents took it away. It was my faveorite pet so far.
Shaireen, Calgary, CANADA

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