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Choosing a career is like any other activity; it is best to work to a plan. Too many people start looking for a specific job before thinking out their occupational aims. It is good idea to begin by attempting to define in clear terms what your requirements are from a career. This involves taking a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. You may think for example, that you would like a job, which involves organizing people, but liking such a job is not a sufficient justification if experience you already may have suggests that this is not your strong point. On other hand you should remember that training would equip you to do new things. As for me, I have made up my mind to be an economist. As my parents are economists they have made a great influence on my choice. My choice of this occupation didn't come as a sudden flash. I think that nowadays this profession is of great need and importance tour country. It is my aim to be a qualified specialist and to serve the interests of my country.
Elena Skripina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"In 10 Years..." I don't usually think very hard about where I will go in the future, or predict where I will be. I would just hope to live life as it came to me. Hopefully though, 10 years from now, I'll be successfully doing something that I love, writing. If I were to choose anything to aspire to, it would probably be a position in journalism, therefore, having achieved an English Major of some sort. Later on in life I could imagine myself working for a reputed magazine, or an advertising company, perhaps even a newspaper. Other aspects in my life are important too, so I hope that I can continue with things like the flute and band. Someday, I would enjoy playing in an orchestra or a chamber ensemble. In 10 years, I'll most likely have finished my Conservatory exams and perhaps be on my way to teaching the instrument. There are lots of things that I would wish to aspire to later in my life and it's really good to have at least a vague idea, I guess. I just don't want to dwell on them all the time right now...
Amanda, Calgary, AB CANADA

My greatest wish is to acquire the best possible education in my native country, to get a good job and then to visit America, the country we now so much about. I want my friends, my parents to be with me all my life because understand quite well that without them my life would be practically meaningless! I am humanitarian, like our English lessons most of all, this lessons give us plenty of information on different subjects, even about our motherland Russia! But the most important thing our school teaches us is the ability to speak English well! Our English teachers get us aquatinted with customs, traditions, occupations and political system and even with the main features of English people. After finishing my school I want to enter The World Relationships & Economics department of The Ural State Technical University. But now I have to do my best to achieve this goal. I have to do it not only because the majority of excellent pupils are engaged to enter this university, but largely because I want to be self-confident and make my parents be proud of their child!! This is my dream, I hope that I have chosen the right way of my life and that I would be able to become the person, I wish to become!
Mary Voronina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"Where I will be in 10 years"... In 10 years, I will be 24. I plan to be in my 6th year of university. I am not sure which university I will go to. I have thought about Queen's in Ontario or ASU (Arizona State University in the USA). I would like to become a pediatrician, a child doctor. I want to do this because I love children and I enjoy Math and Science. In 10 years, I don't think I will be married, but I might. When I get married, I want to have a lot of children. I think that my goals for my future are realistic because I have been working towards them for 2 years and I plan to continue working towards them for the next 10 years.
Alison, Calgary, AB CANADA

I think that I would be an economist in ten years. I will have one beautiful daughter, and very clever husband. We will live abroad, in the house. I think that I will be very popular economist. I think that only our family will live in this house. I suppose we will be very happy.
Kate, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"What I plan to do 10 years from Now"... 10 years from now, I will be 23. By that time, I should have graduated university. After university, I hope to be a biologist. I love animals but I really don't want to dissect them, so I am going to be a botanist (someone who studies plants. Also, in the future, I hope to be financially secure as well. I have nothing much to say now, but I hope that good things happen in my future...
Joyce, Calgary, AB CANADA

Well, in 10 years I see myself as a guide. I would like to have a good family. I want to have one daughter. Now I am 15 years old. And I think 10 years will pass very soon. I hope that my wish will be real.
Olga, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"Where I will be in 10 years... I hope to be out or still in school in 10 years. I hope to be married or almost by this time. I will be taking a TV course in school because that is what I am interested in. This is where I hope to be in 10 years...
Jordan, Calgary, AB CANADA

Oh, what can I say about it? All my childhood I imagined myself a very successful doctor. And nowadays I try to make my dream come true. In 10 years I will have a family. I will get acquitted with many people and maybe, I will become famous. I think it is really! Tomorrow I will go to the first lesson in university. It will be the first step to my carrier.
Dima, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"I See Myself in 5 Years"... I'd love to be in university, studying sports medicine. I will have a job at a clothing store (think of all the discounts). I will probably still be living at home (save money that way) if I don't get a scholarship. I'd love to get a scholarship probably to the USA, but it doesn't matter. I will still be in touch with my friends and family. Most of all I will be living my life to the fullest...
Tara, Calgary, AB CANADA

I don't know, what to tell you about it, but I'll try. I think that I'll become much more clever. During this 10 years I'll get acquainted with many people. I'll know a lot of new things. I'll get a profession. During this 10 years or after them I'll marry and have children. I'll be rich and famous. I'll have a big, beautiful and expansive car. I'll have a big flat and several cottages all over the world. I'll be a president of big firm.
Kirill, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"In 10 years"... In 10 years I hope to find myself back in Nova Scotia. After finishing college from Acadia University, I would hope to have set up a nice home for myself in an apartment in Halifax. I would like to be working with something in literature like working for the local newspaper or writing my own free choice of novels or poetry. In 10 years, I will be 24 years old and unmarried, with two cats, named Dookie and Keebler. Hopefully by the time I am 30, I will have written a book that becomes a best seller. (right, ha!). I will still come back to Calgary to snowboard and visit my family...
Julia, Calgary, AB CANADA

I suppose I'll be some kind of manager. I hope I will work in a firm or somethere else. I like this kind of work. You make people work, you are the Boss and you will have a good money for it. Really good work, don't you think so? I will have a good chances to be the president of the company.
Alex, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

"Where will I be in 10 years?"... In 10 years I will be the 'ripe' old age of 24. I am only 14 and I have not decided what I want to become. I definitely want to be studying something in school and earning my way toward a degree maybe in the sciences or law. There are so many opportunities out there and so many interesting jobs. I want to travel the world and experience many things because who knows if I will change my mind and which direction I will follow. Who knows exactly what the future may have in store for me... I guess we will just have to wait and see!
Kristyn, Calgary, AB CANADA
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