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Your thoughts on the pending war with Iraq...

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My thoughts are all over the place because in some ways war helps my family (my family's business would be directly affected positively) but in other ways it is very frightening - it causes terror, Bush's thoughts scare me, the racism in schools will increase causing violence between schools and Yana and Sveta may not be able to travel to Calgary.
Stewart, Calgary, CANADA

The thought of going to war for all the wrong reasons frightens me. America, I believe, is going to war because they can't find Bin Laden so he's going after Saddam. I think that America is a hypocritical country because to "protect" their freedom they are going after Saddam on the pretense of searching for weapons of mass destruction. I think that war today will be really scary, because warfare will be more technological and will be over quickly, but there will be so much destruction that it will not have been worth it. It's just not worth it.
Holly, Calgary, CANADA

Drop Bush, not bombs. There should be no war with Iraq. Bush has no idea what he is doing. Iraq is a 3rd world country with no means of support from anyone. Bush is doing exactly what he opposes.
Shaireen, Calgary, CANADA

My thoughts on the war with Iraq is that I am against it because I am against war and I think they should stop.
Leonie, Calgary, CANADA

I think this possibility of war coud be stopped if we try harder to make some peaceful solutions.
Noorez, Calgary, CANADA

I think that any kind of war is bad. I do not agree that our world needs violence to solve anything. We can find other ways to solve issues. Nobody needs to die to solve things. I don't think it makes sense to solve things by making problems. People should think about this: what do we lose and what do we gain. People shouldn't die if it is preventable.
Natalie, Calgary, CANADA

My thoughts is that everything is stopping like we can't travel very much as we would like to, everything is limited. I am against it because I am against war.
Rahana, Calgary, CANADA

I am mad/sad... mad because it affects everything. Our family can't go vacationing this year because of the threat of war. Also sad because many people will die for nothing. They should be able to solve this in a peaceful manner. Innocent people will die to gain power which will only be lost again if this continues. So I am not for this war.
Robyn, Calgary, CANADA

I am really not happy with how the world cannot work all of their troubles out without war or terrorism. It really scares me because another war could influence all of our lives greatly. A lot would change and I think that I would feel unsafe or insecure in this world. I would really like it if these countries could deal with their problems without starting a war. I think a lot of people would support me with that as well.
Amy, Calgary, CANADA

I don't care which countries are involved in this war. War is not the answer. War kills, not strengthens. It take the lives of many innocent people all around the world. All together, I am completely against war.
Kandice, Calgary, Alberta CANADA

I think war is bad and maybe it can be settled a different way.
Katie, Calgary, Alberta CANADA

My thoughts on a possible war with Iraq. I'm kind of scared because I don't want to die or I don't want it to affect my kids. Too many innocent people will die if this war happens.
Theo, Calgary, Alberta CANADA

I think that if there is a war with Iraq then it could possibly start WW3. War with Iraq could be really dangerous for the world. I am against war against Iraq because it's the innocent people that are going to be hurt. If there is a war, someone in my family might have to go to war as well. The last reason of why I am against war is because I HATE war!
Pallavi, Calgary, CANADA

I hate any war and I don't want a new war in any country.
Mary, Ekaterinburg, Russia

I think that Bush isn't right, the politics must find ather way to solve problems.
Kristyn, Ekaterinburg, Russia

The war is terrible. Many people will die, it is very bad.
Ann, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Americans are crazy because they want the war. My brother in an amy now and we all afraid he will get a order to go to the "hot point".
Maria, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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