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My favourite holiday is halloween... This is because you can go out with a whole group of friends for candy. I really enjoy dressing up as something else because it is creative and unique plus very scary!!!
Nakia Rehmanji, Calgary, CANADA

My favourite vacation that I went on was when me and my family went toFlorida's Disney World. This was my favourite because this was one ofthe few holidays me and my whole family actually went on. I was in gradesix and we went in the winter holidays for ten days. We went on as many rides as we could and this time my parents actually went on all the rides me and my brother and sister went on(that's something that would happen only once). Eventhough I was sick most of the time there were always laughs and time to have fun. This wasn't the type of holiday that we were up and doing something all day, we would wake up at around 8:30am and sleep at around 10:30pm. That way we weren't even tired at all and we had more fun. We didn't get to see everything there was there to see but we got to relax and have fun at the same time. What's a vacation if you don't get to relax?
Pallavi, Calgary, CANADA

My favorite holiday is my birthday, because on that holiday I have very much presents. And all my best friends come to me congratulate me.
Dasha, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite holiday is New Year, because on that holiday I have many presents. All my best friends and relatives come to my home.
Ksusha, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I like all the holidays. But my favorite holidays is the New Year, because all members of my family stay at home. We get each to others presents. And we have a great dinner.
Liza, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My Favorite Holiday is when I went to Disney Land with my family. We spent 5 days at Disney Land before going to Palm Springs to visit my Grandparents. My favorite rides in Disney Land were Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Mickey Mouse was my favorite mascot that walked around the park. While we were in California I had my birthday and for my birthday we went to a place called Midevil Times, which is a restauran where they have a jousting show going on while you eat. But I have to say that Disney Land has the best hot dogs I've ever had.
Mandy Bell, Calgary, CANADA

I like very much ny summer holidays. Usually I and my parents travel to different buatufil place in Russia. We live in small houses, rest, gather mushrooms and berries, catch fish and enjoy!
Mary, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

Halloween. Because i love candy and i love to dress up as someone else!
Shaireen, Calgary, CANADA

My Favorite Holiday is Chirstmas, not because you get presents. It's just the longest holiday next to summer and I get to see family members I have not seen for awhile. Since it is winter during Chirstmas I get to do alot of snowmobiling which I love to do.
Theo, Calgary, CANADA

Hello, my favorite holiday is my birthday, because this day every year my grandparents came to me. I see them not often and miss them very much. Then we have great dinner and, of course, many gifts for me :))
Igor, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My favorite holiday is Halloween! I love to dress up in scary costumes and go "trick-or-treating" getting lots and lots of candy! It is a lot of fun for me.
Noorez, Calgary, CANADA

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