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My hero is Aleksey Nazarov. He is a DJ on Europe-plus. Aleksey (he call himself "the friend of all progressive and depressing youth") is very clever, but a little cruel. I have never seen him, but I like his manner of speaking. Everyday at 20.00 I turn on Europe-plus and hear his voice. The name of his program is Present. His program is not like others. It is very unusual. At the end of the shoe he reads his monologues. This monologues are difficult to understand, but very interesting. I like evenings, because I can hear a beautiful voice of my hero and his speeches about our life and this cruel world.
Elena Nadezhdina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

I became very keen on literature early in life. Since childhood I have been enchanted by Krapivin. Krapivin is the well-known USSR's writer of the 20th century. He is one of the highest authorities to me and he is my hero. In his books he describes a life of usual boys and girls. But this boys and girls are not usual at all. They all believe in the truth and fought for the truth. Now I'm fifteen years old, but still love Krapivin's books. And I believe that when I'll be forty or fifty I will be reading his interesting books.
Anna Korobejnikova, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

From the early childhood parents try to hold somebody up to their child as an example. And so for the whole life person looks for his ideal, tries to improve himself, his knowledge and internal world. Many people, specially teenagers, want to be like as variety stars, actors and etc. They are attracted by their population , teenagers think that these people achieved success , they can be imitate. But I think that there is something good and something bad in every person. People must not imitate them blindly. Simply every person must have idea of which kind of character he value, most of all, and he must train these kinds of characters. As for me most of all I value in person honesty, well-balanced, sense of humor and friendly. My ideal should be quite clever, look after himself properly and to keep good way of life.
Kristina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

The person that I look up to the most would have to be my Mother. She is the most compassionate and motivated person that I've ever met but she is also balanced. My mom can speak 5 languages and also be the most mathematically adept person that I know. My mom believes in everything she does and she'll always keep doing the job until it is done right. Forever a strong believer in: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" and I admire that. My Mother has conquered all three aspects of life: athletic, academic and artistic. She accomplishes all this but Mom still has time to do her job. She still takes good care of us, like a hurricane of affection and attention. Everybody should keep working at things until they get them right but my mom, she's got that figured out already.
Amanda, Calgary, CANADA

At this time in my life there is no one I look up to in a heroic way. There is nobody in my mind that could be classified as "my hero". There are many people that have attributes that would see to be almost heroic. I think a hero would be someone outspoken like Martin Luther King Jr. He had the strength to reach out to people and share his dreams. Albert Einstein had a wonderful mind and he just wanted to help people and make the world a better place. But, there are a lot of everyday heroes. Like teachers. They help so many and education is #1. Or other people like police officers or firemen who save peoples' lives day after day. There are many outstanding people out there who fight their own personal battles like overcoming cancer or reaching a goal. Everyone in this world could be their own or somebody else's hero.
Lindsey, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is my Mom. My Mom has the heart and soul of a child, and is the most loving and generous person in the world. She always puts others first, and spends almost all of her time cleaning, cooking, sewing and chasing kids around, that she barely has time for herself. My Mom has a full time job, a husband with a full time job and four children who participate in many different sports and activities! My mom works very hard and always watches out for me. She teaches me right from wrong and has always pushed me to do my best. As you can see, Motherhood is not for wimps! And my Mom is not just a Mom (What would we do without them?) My Mom has always, and always will be, the best sister, daughter, wife, friend . . . and best of all, My Mom!!!
Kristyn, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is someone who has brought magic to the world . . . Walter Disney, a man with $50, pencil pad of paper and train ticket that led to Mickey Mouse and to internationally renowned Disneyland, Disneyworld, and many great animated movies. Walt died a long time ago, but his ideas and thoughts will live on through movies, rides and the magic it brings to young and old.
David, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is my father. My dad is my hero because for one he is a doctor. All his life he has helped people. His first major accomplishment was when he was accepted into medical school after only two years of university. He went through four years of medical school, one year of internship, four years of residency and one year of fellowship. This I admire for having the stamina and endurance of staying in school that long, and graduating with "Cun Lauve" (Latin for 'with distinction or praise'). His main field is radiology, and his minor is chest radiology. After graduating, he worked in Halifax, Nova Scotia (which is where he was born). He has been practicing for 15 years. My dad moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1990, for a better hospital program and has been living here ever since. Also, what I admire about my dad is the fact that he has a heart problem that leaves him with less energy so he is tired more often. But still he goes to work everyday, attends partnership meetings, does the journal club and yet still has time to help me with my homework. I love my dad very much and for all he's done for the world and for myself. That is why he's my hero.
Julia, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is Armond Bombardier. He is my hero because he invented the ski hill groomer and snowmobile. Before him, there was no way to get around in the winter. Now there is a big business for the stuff he has invented. Because of him there is great skiing because of the groomer. He came up with the idea while skiing one day. He made a prototype, tried it and started production. Bombardier's Inc now makes groomers, snowmobiles, quads and other winter vehicles Armond was a very good worker and always stayed motivated. These are just some of the reasons why he is my hero.
Jordan, Calgary, CANADA

There have been lots of people who have helped me and are really great people in my life, but my #1 hero would be my dad. He has been there for me all the time. Even if he has a cold or is sick he still comes out to watch me play soccer or something. He is always there for me to cheer me on and if I don't win he reminds me of the times I did. He always likes to be involved in my life. From helping coach my soccer team (3 years in a row now) to helping me study for big exams. He lets me know that he will always love me even if I mess up. My dad is there for me when I need help and even when I think I don't! Because he has lived for a lot longer than me and is able to warn me of the possible dangers or problems. My father has a strong sense of right and wrong. He has always stood up for what he believes in and has strong values. My dad is honest, truthful, caring, loving, joyful and responsible. My dad is an amazing person and he will always be my #1 hero because he has always been my #1 fan.
Alison, Calgary, CANADA

When I hear the world hero, only one person in the world can fit those characteristics. His name is Samir. A lot of you don't know but I recognize him as my brother. He is there for me no matter what the occasion, whether I am in a happy mood or a sad mood. God has gifted me with a brother that I think is irreplaceable. My bother possesses many great qualities that I truly desire and admire. Some of the key ones are being persistent, diligent and hard working.
Salil, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is my grandmother, Lorraine, for she is the most amazing woman. In her lifetime she has traveled the world. As a young child she adapted to friends and new houses for she moved close to 11 times in 12 years. Also, she has had to overcome obstacles like the death of my grandfather ten years ago. She is such a good for model for at 70 she is totally independent. My grandmother is a hiker and every Wednesday she hikes a new mountain or hill. In her lifetime she had done close to 500 hikes in Canada, China and Nepal. My grandma is also my hero for she is positive and having 7 grandchildren (me the only girl) she is always at games and special events. I find my grandmother to be a strong woman, nothing really gets her down. She plunges through life with her head high. She also is my hero because she loves life and she is always there for me.
Tara, Calgary, CANADA

My hero is a fictional character from the book Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques. Throughout the story, Martin, shows great character, will and determination. He knew someday that he would, with these characteristics, avenge his father's death. He was truthful and honest and never gave up. He possesses many of the attributes I would place with a true hero.
Joyce, Calgary, CANADA

Who is my hero? This question is very difficult. But there is a wonderful game called "HEROES". All of it's heroes are for the first moment weak and foolish. Getting the experience and other important they become stronger and cleverer. But none is MY hero, because they are virtual. My hero must be a man with his problems, and there is no necessity for me to know him. My hero must sing and play. My has already died. His name is Victor Tsoi.
Marina, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

In fact, my Hero is Jesus, thus he was the cleverest person of his time. All his words were full of an unusial truth and hope for the best life with love to each other and to God. I don't think he could be very happy watching the things we are doing with our Earth. What we are fighting for? We all are People of the Earth, why should we killed each other? Jesus didn't want us to destroy our life. But he was too clever! He new everything we are doing now. He is the real Hero of the Earth!
Alena, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

My heroes are several great Russian military leaders as Dmitriy Donscoy, Alexander Nevskiy (14 century), Suvorov, Kutuzov (18-19 century), Zhukov (20 century). They helped Russian people at hard time. Example, in 1380, 8 September Dmitriy Donscoy destroyed Mongol army not far from river Don. After this battle his start called Dmitry Donscoy. Suvorov and Kutuzov take part on European war. Kutuzov drive away Napoleon's army from Russian in 1812. Suvorov first among generals crossed Alps. Now in Ekaterinburg Suvorov's name called military school. Zhukov was general of red army on second world war and done very much for victory in this war. Russia had very many great people, but I think this men is the most great of Russia, Europe and all World.
Anton Shelygin, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA

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