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Canada and Calgary

Calgary is situated in Alberta, Canada. Canada is a bilingual country - but not many parts are bilingual. In Alberta, most people speak English.
The history of Calgary involves pioneers and settlers moving out West from the East. It was settled first by French, Scottish, Irish. Now they are a very multicultural country and there are so many different cultures that make them Canadians. Calgary is very unique to Canada.
As of the summer of 1996, Canada's population was over 30 million.
A large majority of Canadians, 77 percent, live in cities and towns.
It is gorgeous country and we get tourists from all over the world visiting. Sunshine Village and Lake Louise are two ski areas 60 to 90 minutes drive from here so we get tourists all year round. Tourism is one of the big industries in Alberta. With our location not many Calgarians visit the eastern part of Canada. The big draw here when people travel is to go south to California and west to Hawaii. Part of that is to escape the winters we face. Dark and cold.
The winter Olympics were held here in1988. Twelve years is a long time ago but we still advertise the city as "Host of the 1988 Olpmic Games". We are lucky to have all the site - bobsled, luge, ski areas, ski jump etc. They are great facilities form training. Unfortunately we haven't turned it into to many Olympic or World medals.

Calgary is close to the Rocky Mountains - an hours drive will put you in Banff a mountain resort town famous all around the world - so we expect strange weather. But the mountains also provide us with great skiing (both downhill and cross country) Sadly, there is not much water here and I grew up on the east coast of Canada on the ocean. I miss family and the ocean but not enough to make me leave Calgary. It is a wonderful place to live. It's not as big as Ekaterinburg - about 850 000 people and we too area multicultural city. Our biggest ethnic group would be southeast Asian. Our school has many kids who have emigrated form Hong Kong. As a result we have a pretty big English as a Second Language group in school.
Our city Calgary was built by the RCMP which was the police force that; they had back then. We still do but they are not as important and mainly help with political things. They built it as a fort (Fort Calgary) near the bow river and now it has expanded into Calgary. It is very important to Canada's oil industry.

In Calgary, it is cold in the winter (it snows), in the spring it is cool in the summer it is hot, but we usually are in the 20-30 degree range, and we are lucky if it gets above 30. In the fall, or right now, it is quite cool but not that cold.
Calgary is around 100 years old, that's pretty young compared to Yekateringburg, is that spelt right. Canada is also only 133 years old. Calgary is the best place to live in Canada, from my view point. We have the Calgary Stampede, which is "The Biggest Outdoor Show on Earth". In the stampede there is a rodeo and then games and rides. It is a lot of fun. In 1998 we had the Winter Olympics. We also have some sport teams that are good, and some that are pretty bad. The Calgary Stampeders, football, won the grey cup, kind of like the gold medal in 1998 and got second last year. The Calgary Hitmen, hockey, have made it into the play-offs for the last couple years and in 1998 came in second in the Memorial Cup. The Calgary Flames are our National Hockey League team and yesterday, the 14 of October won their first, game in this season. This team kind of sucks and the last time we won the Stanley Cup was in 1990.

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