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System of Public Health Services

The system of health care services in Canada is one of the branches the state is proud of. It is financed by the state and is called Medicare. The system of public health services of all provinces and territories are based on the same principles established at a nation-wide level. Medicare provides all citizens of Canada with free or almost free of charge medical services.

Provinces or territories themselves plan, finance and estimate hospital care, therapeutics and other medical specialists services as well as treatment with some kinds of medicine.

The role of the federal government in the system of public health care services is limited to establishing and observing general principles of Medicare, partial financing of medical programs and performing some other functions specified by the Constitution of Canada. One of the functions is direct medical care of some specific groups of Canadian population, including war veterans, Canadian aboriginal population living in reservations, military men and Royal Canadian Horse Police. The other functions are preventive treatment, protection of health and healthy way of life propaganda.

The system of healthcare of Canada is built mainly on therapeutics of primary medical care, they consist 51% of all practicing therapeutics of Canada. They are an interim step from patients to the formal system of public health services and control access to the majority of medical experts, to diagnostic checks and prescribed medicines. They are family doctors and can be changed many times on advice of acquaintances if you are not satisfied with his treatment or even on the reason of your bad mood.

The majority of doctors have own private practice and enjoy their autonomy. Some doctors work in hospitals or local health-improving centers. The services of private doctors are paid by the state, these payments depend on the rendered help and come from the budget of the province or territory. Therapeutics not having private practice get either established salary or payments depending on the rendered medical services.

When Canadians need health treatment, they go to the doctor or to the hospital with their medical insurance card. Every citizen of the country is supplied with such a card.

Dentists work separately from the system of public health services of Canada and do not depend on it, except the case when the treatment of dental surgery is required. Drugstores are also independent on the state.

The work of more than 95% of Canadian hospitals is based on the principle of private noncommercial organizations governed by the local board of directors, organizations of volunteers and municipalities.

One of the most important indicators proving the success of the existing health care services system is health of Canadian population. The average length of human life of Canadians is 78,6 years (81,4 for women and 75.8 for men), this is one of the highest indices among the highly developed countries.
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