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On June 11, 1971 Canada became the second country in the world (after France) where the ministry of environmental protection had been organized. Since then the main care of ministry is to preserve and protect air, water, land, flora, fauna and people of Canada.

In 1995-97 the UNO called Canada the best country for living. Canada has very long length of human life generally due to ecological conditions of living as well as to the high level of income of population. One third of all incomes come from activities connected with the environment.

Recently Toronto has been called the best city in the world for working and living. This happened because of favorable conditions in the city - clean streets, pure beaches and plenty of parks.

Forests cover almost 50% of Canadian territory. In general, Canada possesses 10% of forests in the world and also big stocks of petroleum, gas, coal and other mineral resources.

Vast, not inhabited territories are situated in tundra and mountain areas and consist 70% of Canadian territory as well as 20% of inhabited by people wild nature territories of the Earth.

The number and size of national parks and protected by the state natural territories has been constantly increasing. In 1950 they made only 2% of the country's territory, by 1993 there had already been about 3,000 national parks which consisted 8,9% of all the territory of Canada.

The Great Lakes remain the main source of fresh water in Canada. The country shares four of five lakes with the USA. Canadian government makes efforts to reduce industrial pollution of water and atmosphere. The situation in especially polluted earlier areas, such as Toronto, Hamilton Bay and Sarnia has been gradually improving.

Canada was the first country to sign the Viennese Convention on protection the ozone layer of the planet in June, 1986.

One of the serious problems in preserving of Canadian rich flora and fauna. Despite all the efforts of the government and ecological organizations such species as the Newfoundland wolf, the sea mink, the blackpaw polecat, the Labrador eider-duck, the wild turkey, the wandering pigeon and the rattlesnake have been extinct. Moreover, because of cutting down the forests the significant part of natural environment for living of some kinds of fauna and flora has been destroyed and they are under the threat of disappearance now.

On the whole, ecological situation in Canada is considered to be rather good, but still there are problems of preserving the environment and they are put on the first place among all other problems in Canada.
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